All things considered something interesting, a few years later everything into the air, nothing is not trivial
Optimists also have trouble, but also a sense of crisis, but it can get upset, get over it
In accordance with the world as it looks at the world, efforts towards the desired outcome
Prior to their confidence in their hearts out, and afterwards behavioral outcomes and objective evaluation process
Things have happened, sadness does not help, look for things favorable factors, it is best to let yourself be happy not sad, then proceed to find ways to effectively solve the problem
Failure is normal; success is a surprise
Imply a change in the mind, thoughts change the mood, mood change behavior, behavior change lives
Temporarily not even realize the idea difficult to implement, not impossible to achieve, and some will be delayed for some time
Does not require immediate want, as soon as possible, must be implemented
All reasonable, any circumstances (own welcome or repel) are no big deal
Never mind, everything will be alright

To evaluate their own values, do not evaluate others
No matter how done, there is always someone there saying views
Competition, greed, lack of brings Lost
Standards represent a variety of things outside of itself was a different state of development, can not explain the condition of the human itself
Everyone is the same, just one piece of society, what proud
Open luxury cars, live in luxury for people everywhere is what special
To express themselves, and certainly others, insist they think the right choice
Attention has joy from the heart

World has too disappointed and frustrated, perhaps to the disappointment and frustration too much attention, hope and joy have been in
Each animal has a natural escape natural selection, there is the desire to live to survive, there is pressure not safe
Any individual escape the survival of the fittest society, winning the desire to live there, there is no sense of security pressure
We can not eliminate the stress itself, but it can try to change the ways of responding to stress, feelings of self-adjustment
It has far more than the lack of desire to the total lack of focus to the band, accustomed to things, a few people as wealth
Blue sky, the sun breeze, life and health, food, clothing, family and friends, emotional thoughts, memories vision ......
The outside world has no obligation to give us anything, but we never actually get a lot of the outside world
Celebrate our lucky.